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The most amazing benefits of Lila’s Goddess Chants is that it gently transforms you on a vibrational level and restores Feminine Divine energy!

The chants work on cellular level and have been designed to stimulate brain frequency to induce a relaxed state of mind!  The chants are .uplifting, ethereal in nature and works on the deeper psyche of balancing the Feminine Divine energy

Listen to all the chants on You Tube!

Lia’s Chants and Songs can be used for Sacred Rituals, Yoga, gentle dancing, space clearing, for animal and environmental healing!

About Lila:

Lila channelled the chants over a period of 4 years and put tender love and care into each song, so that it can heal and uplift the world.  Lila is a singer/songwriter/intuitive guide and music producer of Sacred Music!

In this album collection there are three Goddess Chant CDs bundled together.

Return of the Goddess, Sisters of the Moon and Ancestors.

All three albums feature traditional and original Goddess chants with ethereal female vocals, expertly played world music instruments and meditative drones. Includes immediate digital download of all songs on the albums when ordering the CD bundle.

Goddess Chants are suitable for rituals, yoga, Feminine Divine healing work, Goddess celebrations, and initiations Wheel of the Year gatherings, guided meditations, space clearing, animal and nature healing and complimentary practices to aid in overcoming depression, anxiety and stress!

Free Goddess Trilogy Ebook Included 
This is beneficial to you because you can easily chant with the songs, without wondering what the words are!  Singing is a great way for you to balance your chakras and express yourself as well as connecting to the Divine!
A collection of 27 beautiful images and lyrics to accompany each chant in this collection!
Now you can sing-a-long to all the chants.

Return of the Goddess

  1. Mama Gaia *POPULAR   Listen on You Tube
  2. The River is Flowing
  3. Earth, Air, Fire, Water
  4. Cauldron of Changes *POPULAR
  5. Ladies Spin
  6. We all come fro the Goddess by Z. Budapest *POPULAR
  7. Born of Water
  8. We are the Flow
  9. Mother Divine

Sisters of the Moon

  1. Blessings
  2. Sisters of the Moon *POPULAR  Listen on You Tube
  3. Lady Water
  4. May the Circle be Open
  5. Lorelei
  6. Gayatri Mantra
  7. Goddess Fertility
  8. Starlights Keep
  9. Aphrodite *POPULAR


  1. Motherland 
  2. Oya
  3. Ancestors *POPULAR Listen on You Tube
  4. Yemaya
  5. Spirit of the Ocean
  6. Dolphins Cry *POPULAR
  7. Earth my Body
  8. Makhosi
  9. Mother of Darkness
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