Sisters Of the moon

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Sisters of the Moon

by Lila Goddess

New age healing Goddess chants with vibrant world music arrangements and hypnotic drones. The relaxing and meditative songs evoke a mood and ambiance perfect for sacred women’s gatherings, gentle dance, veils, meditation, yoga, dreaming and ritual.
Genre: New Age: Healing
Release Date: 2013
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Album Info

Sensual healing chants embodying the feminine divine to take you on a journey into the sacred and subconscious mysteries of the Goddess. Playful, gentle and sultry vocals, embellished with soothing flutes and alluring strings are supported and grounded by meditative drones and percussion.

The music is intended to awaken kundalini, thereby creating awareness of the divine feminine within to facilitate the tantric merging of yin and yang. The album explores a sensual connection with the divine through sound and the receptive quality of water and the emotions. It is transforming, uplifting world music channeled from a higher consciousness to bring inner healing and retrieve lost parts of the soul.
Apart from loving everything Goddess, Lila is inspired by the vibrancy of world music instruments and has extensively studied and taught Middle Eastern dance and music. With formal jazz training as a vocalist, she produces healing world music that moves with spirit and touches the soul. Lila is inspired by nature and has a deep connection with water and the ocean. She lives in Durban, South Africa and has traveled to places as far afield as Egypt and Australia in search of world music and dance inspiration.
Lindie-Lila composed the music and wrote the lyrics for all the songs on the album, except May The Circle Be Open (a traditional Goddess chant) and Gayatri Mantra, (an ancient Vedic chant). Lila composed the melody for the Mantra. She is the executive producer of the album and sings all the lead vocals and some of the harmonies.
Amanda Tiffin is the musical director and co-producer of the album. She assisted in development of all the songs during pre-production, arranged all strings and vocal harmonies, supervised recording in the studio and sings most of the beautiful soprano harmonies. Amanda also did most of the electronic programming.
Sadé Ross sings all the remarkable female alto harmonies and some soprano harmonies too.
Sound healer Chris Tokalon plays a stirring (Celtic) flute in Goddess Fertility, the epic penny whistle in Aphrodite, and the enthralling bansuri flute in Sisters of the Moon and Gayatri Mantra. He also does overtone chanting and plays Tibetan singing bowls in Gayatri Mantra, plays rain stick in Lady Water and Starlight’s Keep and wave basket in Lady Water.
Percussion guru Ronan Skillen delivers incredible Indian tablas in Lorelei and Gayatri Mantra and a mesmerizing didgeridoo in Lady Water and Starlight’s Keep. He also plays a great variety of exotic percussion instruments that contributes tremendously to the quality of the grooves in Lady Water, Gayatri Mantra, Starlight’s Keep and Aphrodite, such as the African udu (clay pot), tambuta, kitchi gbo, manjeeras, cocoon shakers, mangrove seeds, bamboo shakers, chimes and camel bells.
Renowned Bulgarian cellist Kristian Chernev, the Cape Philharmonic Orchestra’s principal cellist since 2006, performs the moving cello parts in Sisters of the Moon, Lady Water, Lorelei, Goddess Fertility and Aphrodite.
Russian solo recitalist and now head of the string department at the South African College of music, Professor Farida Bacharova performs the violin parts in Sisters of the Moon, Lorelei and Aphrodite.
Homeopath and world guitar maestro Dr Peter Nordling plays the Turkish Oud in Sisters of the Moon, the classical guitar in Goddess Fertility and the distorted electric guitar in Starlight’s Keep.
The album was masterfully recorded at Paris Studios in Cape Town by owner and engineer Paris Zannos.
All the songs were superbly mixed and mastered by New Age producer Bryan Carrigan in Los Angeles, California. Bryan also contributed to the programming of electronic sound effects that really brings out an other-worldly character in the music..
The Spiritual Visionary Cover Art was designed and painted by Tracy Connell.

“Sisters of the Moon is infused with beauty and grace, the feel is sublime and etheric. I love your haunting vocals and the talented musicians and singers who joined you, the harmonies are wonderful! Congratulations on a truly beautiful collection of powerful feminine songs and chants!” – Keti Sarif, Perth, Australia.

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